American Standard toilets

If you’re looking for an affordable toilet, American Standard are the brand you’ve been searching for. They have plenty of low cost options that have all the functionality required to compete with the best rated in the industry. This guide will look at a few of the most popular products currently available and how they stand out from the rest. We use this features list to help us.

Town Square

The Town square ranks high on our list mostly due to design and how comfortable it is. You ten to get rounded smooth edges, or more traditional, block style designs. This is the latter, giving it a more traditional theme.

It’s two piece, elongated, and right height, a great combination for ensuring users have the space and comfort available to them to be able to relax. It also comes in two different finishes (white and linen) which gives consumers a bit of choice when it comes to planning the overall theme.

Includes power wash rim and EverClean technology which improves the effectiveness of the 1.28 gallon flush. EverClean fighting bacteria on the ceramic, and power wash removing germs from around the rim. Both play a part in getting rid of bad smells. And because it’s 1.28 GPF, it’s labelled as a WaterSense toilet, which is an official way to say it’s an environmentally friendly product.

It also has a fairly large water spot, measuring 9″ x 8″, which like the specs above, keep odors at bay for longer.

But perhaps the best feature is its ten year warranty which ensures consumers are protected longer than many other manufacturers out there.

Champion Pro

Next up, we’re looking at the commercially viable Champion Pro. If you look at the exterior, it’s not much to look at, and isn’t the most aesthetic toilet out there. However, what it lacks in the looks department, it more than makes up in overall performance.

This has a professional grade flush that can easily handle day to day usage in a residential environment. It receives the highest flush rating MaP can give at 1000 grams, and is known to handle up to 2.2 lbs of waste each flush. This is far ahead of the majority of its competitors.

But incredibly, despite having such strong performance, it still remains a low flow model, using 1.28 gallons. So you get the best of both worlds. Power and efficiency, rolled into one.

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