Key Toilet Features

In the market for a new toilet? We’ve got some easy to follow guides that will help you step by step choose a product that meets your needs. It doesn’t matter what part you look at, be it the bowl, tank, flushing system, or brand, they should all be equally important in your research.

Toilet bowls

If you’re a taller person, you may want to think about the height of your bowl. Comfort height toilets are great for the extra leg room, and are certainly better for senior citizens.

Make sure it’s fully glazed too. This glazing plays a part in keeping the bowl germ free. The smooth bowl surface provided by gloss will work with the water to ensure nothing sticks.

Also, if aesthetics are high on your list of priorities, you will want to ensure you get a concealed trapway. Compared to standard traps, they have a much more contemporary style.


Flushing mechanism

Two things to consider when it comes to looking up flush performance. The first is how strong is the flush, and the second is how much water it uses. Stronger flushes are generally found in pressure assisted systems or mechanisms that use lots of water. Low flow toilets use less water, but don’t always have the same power. As you can see, there are trade offs for using either.

Toilet seats

The seat you use needs to be durable, easy to clean, and include protective features that prevent it slamming into the ceramic china. There are around seven different types of seats which we highlight below.


A standard seat has no special properties included. These are typically found on cheaper or older toilets. They can slam shut accidentally, and have no luxury extras included. The good thing about them is that they are inexpensive.


A raised seat is also known as a seat riser. These are designed for people with disabilities, and will add a few extra inches onto your bowl height. say that comfort height toilets compliment them, providing an easily accessible, extra tall bowl.

Soft close

When we refer to a soft close toilet seat, we are talking about how the hinges slow down the acceleration of the shutting motion, protecting the rim, and preventing loud slamming noises from occurring. We recommend skipping the standard, and going straight to soft closing options, even if you’re on a small budget. If you’ve got a larger budget, read on.


Padded seats are cushioned slightly ensuring users are comfortable. Compared to the common plastic material used in alternative products, this will come as a welcome, relaxing addition to your bathroom. They are waterproof and easy to clean, but like soft close models, they are more expensive than standard options.


A heated toilet seat does what you think it would. It gives consumers control of seat temperature whilst seated. A nice upgrade for those living in a colder climate.


Some people call them Japanese toilets, but we know them as bidets. These are those electronic seats that come with all of the above built into it, plus the additional water jets to clean yourself afterwards. Having used some of these myself over the years, I can confirm they are a massive improvement on toilet paper. However, they aren’t exactly environmentally friendly.


Choose your toilet brand wisely. There are many out there, but there are also plenty that don’t keep up with the high performance standards we require. To give our readers a nudge in the right direction, we recommend American Standard, TOTO, Sterling, Kohler, and Mansfield. All of these have been around a long time, and generally get rated highly by consumers.

Other information

While this guide covers the basics, there may be some specific details that are not covered. We have a section that deep dives into all aspects of a toilets bowl, tank, mechanism, and much more here.